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Students of the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk awarded in the Summer Photography Contest "My unforgettable, summer time..."!

We announce that in the summer photography contest students were awarded in 3 categories:
1. People
2. Venues
3. Nature

The winners are:
In the “People” category:
Main award: photo „Bella Italia” taken by Jakub Łapawa
Distinction: photo „Women with sheepskins” taken by Agnieszka Mirkowska

In the “Venues” category:

St. Andrew's Day Party!

Students' International Tourism Club invites all the students for St. Andrew's Day Party on 30th of November at 5.30-7.30 p.m. in the Student's Club  of the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Industry in Gdank.
We also introduce the history of St. Andrew's Day tradition prepared by a member of the Students' International Tourism Club's (pdf).

The International Scientific Conference ‘Castles and fortresses in the development of contemporary tourism’

The Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk, Polmlek Group, The Gniew Castle (Zamek  Gniew) Ltd and ACADEMIA EUROPA NOSTRA are jointly organizing an international scientific conference on the role of castles and fortresses in the development of contemporary tourism.
The Conference under the auspices of The Marshal of Pomeranian Province - Mieczysław Struk and Pomeranian Governor - Ryszard Stachurski will be held at The Gniew Castle Ltd on 6-7 of December 2012.

The Inaugural Ceremony

The 2012-2013 Academic Year was inaugurated at the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk on October 2. In the inauguration ceremony participated guests from the academic,political and business world.The inaugural lecture "Problems of health treatment in Poland" was delivered by the Vice Dean for Health Protection, Assist. Prof. Waldemar Krupa MD. After the matriculation of the newly admitted students, the Rector Magnificus, Prof. Wladyslaw W. Gaworecki wished the students a lot of success and persistence during their studies.

Summer course of Polish

Summer course of Polish

We would like to invite you to join us for  intensive  two-week and one-month long SUMMER COURSES (July and August 2012) of Polish! These intensive  language courses are for those interested in learning Polish while having a lot of fun at the same time.
The lectures will be provided by highly qualified Polish teachers , with experience in teaching foreigners.

Summer course - 2 weeks (50h)
Fees: 195 € (price includes: lectures and materials)
Groups of 5-6 people
Terms of courses

Again, top position among the best colleges offering Tourism Programs!

It is our pleasure to inform you that our school again took the first place among the best institutions of higher education offering Tourism Programs (magazine "Tourism News" 2012).(pdf)

Study in English at the Best Academy of Tourism in Poland

The Bachelor in Tourism (program in English) is designed to give you a 360 degree perspective of the unique nature of  tourism. While studying the speciality  "International Hospitality and Tourism Management" you will acquire the skills necessary to succeed in a competitive and changing field by combining learning with projects and internships. Most people love travelling and visiting new destinations, but did you know that tourism is the world's largest industry, or that it is the fastest growing economic sector in many countries?

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