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We would like to invite you to join us for an intensive 3 week long SUMMER COURSES (July 2016) of Polish! These intensive group courses are for those who would like to spend more time learning Polish and have a lot of fun at the same time.
The lectures will be provided by highly qualified Polish teachers, with experience in teaching foreigners.

Summer course - 3 weeks (60h)
Fees: 1200 PLN (price includes: lectures and materials)
Groups of minimum 5-6 people

Terms of courses
04.07 – 23.07. 2016 (level A1/A2)

If you need any accommodation during the summer course we can help in this area (also for groups of people). We can organize for you a stay in the dormitory located close to our Academy. It costs approximately 6-8 euro /per night

Required documents:
-application form (pdf)
-copy of passport
- notorized statement of parental consent for taking part in the course and providing with actual and legal custody during this course. (only for applicants who are under 18)
- tuition fee
-qualifying test (we send it via mail to apllicants)

If you want to enroll or get some more information don’t hestitate to ask: (please title it "Summer course")

Competition on the employment market is still growing and even a Reception Supervisor must speak fluently at least two foreign languages, and have a university degree. Taking this into consideration our School places special emphasis on improving students' language skills.

Foreign language courses are mandatory both for Bachelor's programs and for Master's programs. Language courses are led by the 35-strong group of instructors.

Language offered throughout our Bachelor's programs include:
- English
- German
- Russian
- French
- Spanish
Full-time students are obliged to choose two foreign language courses from this listing. Classes take 4 semesters with a total of 210 hours for first language course and 3 semesters with a total of 90 hours for second language course.

Part-time students choose one foreign language course. The course takes 4 semesters (with a total of 152 hours). Recruitment into language groups is based on a placement test at the beginning of the first year of studies.

Languages offered include English and German.
Both full-time and part time students choose one foreign language. They can choose English or German. Foreign language courses total 60 hours (3 semesters). The courses are available at an advanced level.

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