Educational Offer- Master's Programme

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In compliance with the decision of the Minister of National Education No DSW-1-0145-424/TBM/2001, the Academy was issued a license for running Master's programmes in the field of Tourism and Recreation.

The Master's programmes prepare prospective graduates theoretically and practically for organizing and managing economic units specializing in producing and providing basic tourist services and for programming and forecasting tourism development in local government structures.

- Part-time, 2 years (sessions are scheduled every second weekend).
- Full-time, 2 years (classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday).
- E-learning, 3 years (60% of classes will be conducted with the use of e-learning platform and 40% by direct contact with students (regular classes). Three sessions, each lasting a few days, are planned in September, February and June)
Classes are led by highly qualified and experienced academic staff.

Master's programmes' graduates receive Master's degree. On request, the Academy also issues diplomas in English or German.
Master's programmes' graduates of the Academy possess:
- general knowledge about Poland and about Europe, reality of social and economic life, and a knowledge of premises and market mechanisms of tourism industry,
- humanistic knowledge, which is the knowledge of human needs and the ability to understand social relations and processes reflected in tourism,
- natural knowledge, giving the basics to understand the functioning of a human in natural environment,
- the ability of independent assessment and evaluation of social and political phenomena, particularly in relation to the European environment,
- knowledge of the basics of modern management,
- the ability of building strategies and policies of tourism development in local government structures,
- the ability to assess the opportunities and threats of tourism development in tourist regions,
- competence in assessing the position of tourism in the overall system of local and regional economies,
- ability of critical assessment of acquired knowledge, awareness of the need of self-development,
- ability to organize and execute tourism events and recreational activities,

I. STUDY IN ENGLISH (full-time – 2 years, e-learning- 2 years):
- International Tourism Management

II. STUDY IN POLISH (full-time – 2 years, e-learning- 2 years):
The Academy educates students in the following specialties:
- Tourist Economy Management
- Health Tourism
and Recreation

Tourist Economy Management
The graduates of this specialty programme will be provided with comprehensive knowledge in a range of economic trade in macro scale, which is essential in the management of the national and foreign tourism sector. Students will become acquainted with the mechanism of creating tourism policy of authorities and tourism management.
The graduates of this specialty programme will be prepared to work as managers and specialists at various levels of management within tourism companies. They will gain valuable knowledge in management, marketing, law, and this will assist them in operating their own businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

Health Tourism and Recreation
The aim of diploma specialization ‘Health Tourism and Recreation’ is to gain education related to organization and service of health tourism and recreation. The study programme covers techniques and technologies applied in organization of pro-health and recreation services. Health tourism and recreation are currently an international trend and a growing number of people, while planning their holidays, combine relaxation with various health and beauty treatments as well as recreational activities. The acquired knowledge concerning this tourist product will allow graduates to run their own business in the sector of pro-health and recreational services and hold management positions in facilities like pensions, SPA hotels, fitness and beauty treatment centers, sanatoria and spa communes

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