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According to the Higher Education Regulations dated 12 May 1990, the decree of the Cabinet dated 12 August 1991 regarding student internships, decree of the Ministry of National Education and Sport dated 13 June 2003 and Academy regulations, students are obliged to have an internship period of at least 15 weeks.

The overall aim of a professional internship is to provide students with general knowledge regarding the operation of a company or an institution. During their internships, the students are exposed to and assist with any practical company problems which may arise. Undertaking and experiencing this process helps the students to learn how to tackle such problems in the future.

In this way students become more self-confident and better prepared for looking for a job.

According to the signed agreements, the students of  the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk are able to complete internships (both in Poland and abroad) at:

- hotels,
- boarding houses, motels, and tourist hotels,
- restaurants,
- travel agencies,
- commercial enterprises,
- tourism enquiry agencies,
- computer firms,
- tourist offices,
- other important offices, firms, and institutions,

Students also take part in researches conducted by the Academy within the framework of cooperation with the communes of Pomeranian Province

The students also have an opportunity to hold heir internships abroad. Such internships may be offered by various organizations, hotels, restaurants in: Germany, UK, France, USA, Greece, Canada.

Passing the internship allows the students to receive one- year training in hotels abroad.

Dean's Representative for Internships: Marian Bialk
phone: +48 58/ 520 26 14 ex. 150,
Room: G-02, from Tuesday to Friday
(10.00 a.m - 12.00 p.m)


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