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Master’s degree studies


Specialitie: International Tourism Management

Second level graduates receive Master’s degree. On request, the Academy also issues diplomas in English.
Master’s programmes’ graduates of the Academy possess:

  • general knowledge about Poland and about Europe, reality of social and economic life, and a knowledge of premises and market mechanisms of tourism industry,
  • humanistic knowledge, which is the knowledge of human needs and the ability to understand social relations and processes reflected in tourism,
  • natural knowledge, giving the basics to understand the functioning of a human in natural environment,
  • the ability of independent assessment and evaluation of social and political phenomena, particularly in relation to the European environment,
  • knowledge of the basics of modern management,
  • the ability of building strategies and policies of tourism development in local government structures,
  • the ability to assess the opportunities and threats of tourism development in tourist regions,
  • competence in assessing the position of tourism in the overall system of local and regional economies,
  • ability of critical assessment of acquired knowledge, awareness of the need of self-development,
  • ability to organize and execute tourism events and recreational activities.

Required documents

  1. Polish certificate of the final secondary school examination or non-Polish certificate provided with apostille or legalized non-Polish certificate,
  2. information about the secondary school program with the list of grades,
  3. Polish university diploma or non-Polish university diploma provided with apostille or legalized non-Polish university diploma or another document of the final examination entitling the applicant to apply for Master’s programme,
  4. certified translation of the certificate of the final secondary school examination and university diploma into Polish, prepared by a certified translator entered in the list of translators by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland or certified by a consul of the Republic of Poland in office in the country where the document was issued,
  5. the certificate confirming that the candidate’s graduation certificate for secondary education allows him/her to take up higher education studies at all types of higher education institutions in the country in which the graduation certificate of secondary education was issued. The certificate is not required if the proper information can be found on the graduation certificate of secondary education,
  6. a document confirming competence in English language (minimum level B2 is required),
  7. study contract signed by the candidate and the Academy (the contract must be signed and delievered to the Academy after getting admission letter),
  8. one passport-size photos (with a signature of the applicant on reverse),
  9. registration and entry fee (confirmation of payment),
  10. tuition fee (confirmation of payment).
Program differencies

A candidate applying for a Master’s program who is a graduate of non-tourism Bachelors’ studies may have competence deficiencies (program differences). Such a candidate is obliged to pass the following courses in addition to the required competences during the first year of study:

Recreation – 2 ECTS points
Basics of tourism – 4 ECTS points
Tourism service – 4 ECTS points

Fees and payments

Tuition fee for first year:  3.000 EUR (refundable in full in case of visa refusal or on condition of insufficient number of candidates to form a group), second year of study: 3100 EUR
Registration fee: 85 PLN (ca. 20 EUR) (not refundable)
Entry fee: 190 EUR (not refundable)
Program differences fee: each ECTS point is 47 EUR

Bank account:

Santander Bank Polska S.A.
address: Miszewskiego 12/14, 80-239 GDANSK, POLAND

bank account in EUR: IBAN PL68 1090 1098 0000 0001 4855 1135

bank account in PLN: IBAN PL11 1090 1098 0000 0000 0905 0835


Additional information

For further information please contact
Admissions: tel. +48 58 521-86-20

All documents must be originals and should be submitted to the Admissions Office of Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk. There is no qualification exam required.


Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Hotelarstwa w Gdańsku
ul. Miszewskiego 12/13
PL 80-239 Gdańsk, Poland
Tel.  +48 58 520 26 14  wew. 159

Bank account

Santander Bank Polska S.A.
bank account in EUR: IBAN PL68 1090 1098 0000 0001 4855 1135