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1. Access to the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle Platform

  • the account is active if within the last year the user had access to the account (used the account), otherwise the account is cancelled before the beginning of the next academic year.
  • the accounts of graduates and people expelled from studies are cancelled.

The accounts for the students recruited for 2017/2018 academic year will be available from 16.10.2017

  • the students, who don't have an account or whose account has been cancelled, may obtain the account if they send an email to the address and ask for creating such an account. In the email they need to include the following information: name and surname, type, mode and year of study; student ID number; email address necessary for creating your Moodle account.

2. Logging to the Gdansk WSTiH Moodle platform

  • logging data: 'Username' (login) is the student's ID number, his password is the PESEL number (the password must be written; copied and pasted passwords are treated as errors)
  • during the first logging there is a request to change the password from your PESEL number to another one
  • the new password must contain at least 8 signs and have at least one capital letter, one small letter, one digit and one non-alphanumerical sign

3. Address of the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle platform

4. How to retrieve the password to your account on the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle platform

If you don't remember your password to your WSTiH Moodle account, use a form available on the website. In this form, write the username (login) or the email address registered while creating the account. If the data are correct, an email with confirmation of a change of your password will be sent to the email address given while creating the account. After following the instructions described in the email, you will get a new email with your new password. To log in, you must write the new password into the field entitled 'Password' on the service logging site. Passwords copied and pasted from the email address are treated as mistaken passwords!!!

5. Changing the password on the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle platform

To change your password on the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle platform, after logging to the service you must click your name and surname, and then, choose from the drop-down menu the link 'Profile' and on the opened site select the link 'Modify the profile'. In the field 'New password' you should write your new password and confirm the change by clicking the key 'Change the profile'

6. Reporting problems with the functioning of the WSTiH Gdansk Moodle platform

  • report the problems to the email address:
  • in the email also give your student ID number
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