Students - Students' Club of Hotel Industry and Catering

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1. Students' integration around issues connected with hotel industry and catering.
2. Extending knowledge through studying the newest research concerning contemporary hotel industry and catering in the world of tourist trends and fashions.
3. Organizing meetings to prepare materials for conferences and seminars as well as deliver reports.
4. Cooperation with other students' clubs and students' organizations in Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management  in Gdansk and other institutions of higher education in Tricity and Poland.
5. Organizing trips for teaching purposes.
6. Participation in scientific conferences, national and international travel trade fairs and other events connected with student's life.


Year of setting up: 2006
Supervisor: senior lecturer Jorg Wilczyński, Ms of Eng.

Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk
Student's Club of Hotel Industry and Catering, 12/13 Miszewskiego Str., PL, Gdansk 80-239

Tel: +48 58 520 26 14
Fax: +48 58 345 41 82

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