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Useful information

Scholarships and financial aid for foreign students

All foreigners undertaking studies in Poland in academic year 2023/2024 are entitled to apply for material assistance benefits: rector’s scholarship and financial aid (allowance).

The rector’s scholarship may be awarded to students who have obtained outstanding results in education, scientific or artistic achievements, or sports achievements in competition at least at the national level.

A student who is temporarily in a difficult life situation can receive an allowance (financial aid).

The difficult life situation should be understood as general conditions (e.g. material, family, social, health) of the student’s family, which cause temporary problems in meeting the material needs of the family. The reasons for the difficult life situation of a student may include, in particular, illness, disability or death of a family member, damage caused by another fortuitous event (e.g. fire, natural disaster), loss of a permanent source of income and others.

Detailed criteria for the award of the rector’s scholarship and the allowance are laid down in the student benefit regulations.

Additional information

For further information please contact
Admissions: tel. +48 58 521-86-20

All documents must be originals and should be submitted to the Admissions Office of Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk. There is no qualification exam required.


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