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Healthcare & Health Insurance


Students from the EU/EEA countries

Healthcare in Poland is available for students from EU/EEA countries, provided that they hold valid medical insurance in the national insurance system of their country. A valid passport, student identity card and a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (Europejska Karta Ubezpieczenia Zdrowotnego) entitles its holder to medical care free of charge in Poland. Detailed information on the health care for EU/EEA citizens can be found on the website of the National Health Fund: 

Students from outside the EU/EEA

If possible it is recommended that students from non-EU/EEA countries purchase their own international medical insurance prior to their arrival in Poland. Otherwise they are required to sign a voluntary health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia – NFZ) and pay their own insurance fees, which amount to about EUR 15 a month. Under this insurance scheme, students are entitled to free medical care and can health centres. Also, all foreign students have the option of purchasing additional accident insurance.


Health insurance is obligatory for all students studying in Poland and depends largely on your country of origin.

If you are an EU citizen or European Economic Area citizen with a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you are entitled to free treatment in all the healthcare institutions which have signed a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ).

If you are an EU citizen or European Economic Area citizen without a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), or if you are a non-EU and non-EEA national, you should sign a health insurance contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ) or with a private institution.

The health insurance is obligatory for all the international students in Poland, since they are all required to present a proof of adequate health insurance when applying for a visa.

If you do not have a valid health insurance, you will have to bear all the costs of treatment on your own, in the case of illness.

‏‏‎‏‏For detailed information visit the website of the National Health Fund (NFZ) and check a pdf guide of healthcare in Poland.